The Aussie love...

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... of two globetrotters

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We really enjoyed helping these wandering couple, whose passion has traveled with them much of the globe.

There were three days of celebration full of surprises and sensations that we could summarize in this handful of not-so-enigmatic words:


Marta, from Alicante, wanted a Boho wedding with destination in Mallorca.
It was certainly a challenge because the couple, settled in Australia, would not come before the event and all decisions would be made according to our recommendations.

In the face of so much responsibility, an encouraging factor was that in the past they had lived on the island for a time and therefore knew the areas of the different places that we offered them.

After evaluating various alternatives, they finally opted for an old rural farm.
A rustic venue located in the south of the island with private access to the “Mediterranean Caribbean”: The wonderful beach of Es Trenc.
The setting offered what the couple wanted and thanks to our decoration the desired Boho touch was achieved.

Marta wore a very original two-piece dress from the Australian firm

The color palette featured primarily sand colors along with subtle gold accents and some dusty pink tones.
In the floral decoration we combined multiple textures such as eucalyptus, olive, pampas and proteas of different varieties together with unique elements such as pomegranates, desiccated opium and cactus.

The bilingual ceremony was held inside the oak forest.

We placed bamboo chairs among the trees and decorated the area with corners made up of pampas and golden bottles, generating compositions of various heights for the altar and the wedding aisle.

The bride and groom exchanged their stories, memories, life paths and wedding vows. Finally, with the ritual of the sand, the soil of their places of origin was mixed, uniting them inseparably.

Everyone enjoyed the jabugo ham, the canapes and theme-food stations served by El Jardin catering. Then a fine rain began to fall, with threatening clouds in the distance, but nothing could darken this union anymore.
The colored smoke bombs and the loud firecrackers were fired in honor of the Valencian culture and, while the sun was setting, the magic was done … and it stopped raining!

In the clastra, under the large vineyard of the pergola, thousands of fairy lights and hundreds of candles were lit to light up the dining area.

Three large imperial tables dressed in sand-colored linen tablecloths welcomed the diners.

The guests admired the “guests cards” made with tiny pink paper airplanes that mimmicked the bigger ones on the table map, and other carefully chosen details such as the carved crystal glasses, and the pink glasses of water matching the sumptuous proteas of the flower arrangements.

But what amazed them the most was when they discovered that under the woven raffia underplate there was a personalized portrait of each assistant: A cartoon that we organized with a local illustrator as a gift from the couple for all of them.

Then came the speeches between plate and plate, followed by the great Mallorcan ensaimada wedding cake, the songs, the games and challenges of friends, the cigars. Then … a sound of drums silenced everyone and gave way to a ‘batucada’ that with his vibrant show of tribal dances and rhythms surprised even the boyfriend himself, who was not aware of the surprise that we had secretly planned with his bride.

Like in a carioca “comparsa” all followed the batucada dancing to the disco area to open the bridal dance and continued enjoying the souvenirs and the party between Mojitos / Daikiris / Moscow mule and other cocktails, until dawn.

For a moment of relaxation among so many emotions, they always had our chillout furniture :˗)

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The day before we organized a white party on the beach: A BBQ as a “get together” for the family and friends to get to know each other, and enjoy the sea and the albufera landscape.
Inspired by the environment we decorated the restaurant with multiple candles and marine details, with shells, stars and trunks worn by the sea.

The day after the wedding we planned a relaxed meeting on another beach in the Saint Jordi neighborhood, where they ate local paellas and tapas by the beach, enjoying a fresh sangria and toasting for the recent union of the happy couple.

And so, with the help of ChillMeOut: You dream it and we make it!


We could not be more grateful to Huma06 and La Boda de tu Prima (for capturing with so much art the energy of the event in their reports (*).