A warm winter bridal link


Laura came to us somewhat overwhelmed. She was so excited about her wedding after 10 years of courtship that this frightened her and she didn’t know where to start from.
She had no defined place for the celebration, but when she told us that she wanted a day wedding and that they wanted to get married in winter, together with the options they had looked at, we saw it very clearly and we recommend S ’Olivaret straight away.
The surroundings have wonderful views, with a very special garden. The indoor room with its ample windows was fantastic for the large number of guests and this gave us a superb opportunity to make an amazing transformation. In addition, the hotel offered them comfortable space to rest there with their friends after the prolonged party.
So we planned an assemblage proposal, with thematic stations according to the idea of a finger food banquet that they wanted for the menu.
The catering was in charge of the NUNU restaurant, while Chill me Out coordinated all the suppliers and the necessary material for each of them.
For the event, we combined small tables for the grown-ups with chill out furniture in the lounge, all in cream tones with gold details. We also brought many plants as well as some furniture of the family itself to offer a homely touch to the gathering, which, together with the floral arrangements and lighting, gave more warmth to the space.
Outside we covered the entire upper wall of the terrace with natural foliage, like a vine, to cover the concrete of the building, which Laura did not like. It looked so good that nobody noticed that this had been assembled especially for the occasion. Although, undoubtedly, the differentiating touch was our design of the lighting assembly made with waterfalls of fairy lights in the windows, which modified completely the facilities.
Laura came shaking under a light rain. It wasn’t cold, but she didn’t stop trembling.
Then I took her hand, looked into her eyes (she was beautiful in that Rosa Clará’s dress, with Ursula Mascaró footwear), and I told her: “Calm down, take a deep breath…everyone is happy !!! Today is a day to celebrate, for you both to enjoy, today there will only be tears of joy and you carry now a very special angel represented by the daisies of your bridal bouquet…”. She smiled and it stopped raining.
The ceremony, held under the outer pergola, was very emotional; especially the speech of Maria, Miki’s sister, responsible for the first encounter.
There were also many moments of laughter, like when the godfather forgot the rings in the hotel room and ran to get them, or the funny stanzas of a wonderful gloss dedicated to the bride and groom, written and recited by Paquita, an aunt of the family.
Under a “flower lamp” that we created to decorate the bridal pergola a shower of gold confetti sealed the bridal link. Then, the photo sections, the appetizing foo, the original gold egg wedding cake and super party with live performances of various musical groups and choreographic surprises of friends followed. We could go on and on… but this post would become endless!
There are brides like Laura who transcend one’s work, which open up in a way that deeply motivates us, whose confidence lets us create without limits and that we then keep very especially inside our hearts. Thank you so much, Laura!
We were lucky to have Xisco Kamal in the party, who was in charge of portraying so many special moments with his experience and good eye!