romantic wedding...

... overlooking Mediterranean Sea

A&C_HL from alberto guzman on Vimeo.


Amanda -a Spanish and Malay descendent- dreamed of getting married in Spain, her mother’s land, and so this couple chose the gorgeous Son Marroig wedding venue and its breath taking views.
Arriving from north London and brimming with inputs and ideas to transform their wedding into a fairy tale, they placed themselves in our hands to help them achieve the many details and wishes they had in mind.
The set of surprises we organized demanded a clear, adjusted timetable, though. Here are some highlights:
An enormous set of 150 pearl coloured balloons signalled the entrance to the event, while posters in golden frames indicated the areas and places designated for each moment.
At the arrival point of the buses chartered to shuttle the guests from the hotels, they were received with a “pink Lemonade”, adding a chic touch to this local, Mediterranean drink.
The bride maides were attired in lovely dresses colored with dusty shades of pink, earth, skin and cream tones, in harmony with the flowers that had been chosen for the floral arrangements.
Two classic baroque cups decorated with roses, carnations, peonies, astilbes and golden tinted olive tree leaves pinpointed the entrance to the nuptial corridor, which had on both sides white Chivary chairs decorated with flower bouquets. The central pedestal of the template was dressed with an imposing floral arrangement in a  baroque cup, matching those at the entrance Umbrellas and straw hats were distributed to protect the guests from the intense June sun.
From her father’s arm, a moved Amanda arrived to the altar walking through the garden, where photos of the couple and their friends were hanged together with wooden signs reading: “Of all the walks we’ve taken together this one I’ll remember forever.”
After the ceremony a path of raining flower petals met the couple in the clastra, where everyone enjoyed an appetizer with life music, chill-out amenities and champagne rosé round the central fountain. High tables with golden brocade tablecloths, mirrored low tables carved in gold and sofas adorned with pink and cream silk cushions embroidered with golden thread in the same shades of the flowers, lanterns, flower  vases and chandeliers were the colour palette selected for the occasion.
Before the dinner, and during the group photo sessions in the template, 100 hearths and giant balloons printed with personalized messages: “All you need is love” and “Love is in the air” were released by the assistants.

In the banquet the tables were named after the couple favourite movies, and were dressed with stone coloured linen, highlighting the green water glasses. The centrepieces alternated high golden chandeliers with flat flower arrangements, together with occasional touches of lemons brightened with golden brushstrokes. At the back of the top table, an aerial curtain of flowers joined the fairy lights garlands falling from the balustrade of the finca balcony, offering a magical, fantastic effect.
The most amusing moment after the sparkled nuptial dance was a surprise ‘flashmob’ we organized with the couple and their closest friends. There were some other details and surprises, but we do not have enough blog to tell… We trust you will enjoy these beautiful pictures taken by Sandra Mañas.

Getting together
For the previous day of the wedding we organized a catamaran excursion, a getting together meeting to allow families and friend to know each other and spend a relaxed day and get acquainted with the Mallorca coast, enjoying the Mediterranean Sea and a sunset tapas dinner, contemplating “La Seu”, the emblematic cathedral of the Palma Bay.

Photography: Alberto Guzmán for Sandra Mañas