two parties... a wedding


Ine and Thomas called us without warning. They timidly said: “We are in Mallorca … we wanted to get married in a farm where we have stayed, but we did not like it. Can you help us? ”

Right there we went to work and arranged several visits to possible places for the wedding, which they visited that same week.

They decided then to celebrate a double event: Two schedules (day and night), two places: Son Rullan and Son Marroig, two banquets (lunch and dinner) and a happy union surrounded by their closest people.

After a delicious tasting menu, and choosing the photographer, the kitchenware and decoration afterwards, they had everything planned for getting married the following month.

They began the celebration at noon on the top of the mountain, welcoming their guests with fresh lemonade in this dreamlike place full of history. The house dates back to the 13th century, when it used to function as an old monastery and is now full of corners that are living postcards worthy of admiration.

The ceremony with sea views was done in the era of the property. They performed several fun rites and full of symbolism: They planted an olive tree, signed a contract with the outline/contour of their hands, exchanged rings and sealed their love with a passionate kiss.

The decoration was simple and according to the place: We shaped the seats of the ceremony with straw bales dressed with fabrics of rustic motifs. And we put an old wooden table as an altar, with typical Mallorcan baskets decorated with natural seasonal flowers.

The couple wanted all the attendees to get involved and for this we prepared natural flower buttonholes with touches of aromatic plants representing Mallorca (lavender and rosemary) that they presented to each guest introducing them to the group and explaining their relationship with each other.

Afterwards they were able to enjoy Mediterranean canapés and a paella in the area of the gardens of the house, which we dressed with cushions and details of spring flowers and lavender sprigs.

In the afternoon they had a cocktail in the shrine of the Son Marroig farm and later dined in the hall of mirrors.

Katta Tubio was the chosen photographer, not only because of her bohemian and romantic style, but also because she knew the property perfectly and this is reflected in her beautiful images, is not it?