a sea and ...

... mountain wedding


When we met Iolanda she was actively looking for a suitable place for their wedding. Being a Soller valley folk, she wanted a close location with nice surroundings and, most of all, she sought after a ‘finca’ able to communicate both romanticism and essence, together with historic background… and more. We readily thought of our fetiche place: Son Marroig (the utmost Mallorca wedding symbol), located at the hearth of the northern hills, in Deiá.
Nonetheless, she was not entirely convinced because of some bad comments she had heard before. We then invited her to visit the place and judge it ‘with her own eyes’. She utterly fell in love with the venue, the high walls and the astonishing views where sky and sea melt together.

Over and over we ask ourselves -as Robert Graves did years ago- “What does Deia have that affects our hearth so powerfully?”. We still do not have the answer, but we know for sure that this place leaves such a deep imprint in the soul that couples joined here can remember forever.

The groom, José, is a ‘gallego’ ship captain and, so, Son Marroig let him fuse his two passions (like hers are): mountain and sea, melt together with the infinity of the clear sky. These concepts were our inspiration to embody the event in a blue colored palette.

For the nuptial path we put an electric blue carpet to emphasize the bride presence in her gorgeous Fara Sposa dress, with laced torso and silk tulle skirt.

The pavillion stairs were decorated with blue crystal lanterns of various sizes, combined with white flower arrangements placed in blue arabesque pots.

The bridal bouquet, classic, subtle and romantic, was a compact, round assemblage of white roses framed by same shade Gypsophylias. She arrived in a blue Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce, the vintage car of the 70’s. The special ride was a present from her parents.

As a symbol of the indivisible link of the couple, “the sand rite” was celebrated during the emotional ceremony: sand grains of Puerto de Sóller, representing Iolanda, were mixed with those of the beach of Puerto de Espasante, representing José, both bearing different colours and textures, but impossible to separate thereafter.

Galaic folk music, played by a pipers group at the end of the ceremony, was a charming surprise offered to the groom, and together with these happy sounds a multi-coloured rain of confetti celebrated their vows of love.

In the dinner area we kept the blue presence, especially in the table clothing and water glasses, but using a less saturated tone. The pink colour was incorporated in the flowers on each table, which, together with the Serenity blue, were trendy in that season.

Stone-coloured linen with blue flowers stamping, ivory Napoleon model chairs and embroidered-looking minutes in fretwork dressed with classic and romantic elegance the terrace of the venue.

On the stone benches surrounding the garden we put white and blue stamped Ikat cushions, matching the old majolica pots. In the disco area the guests enjoyed our wooden chill-out furniture, also with details in blue and white matching the thematic deco selected for this sea and mountain wedding.

Tofol Morey made this beautiful photo report.